About Jenn Uhen:
Connecting a manager to one employee or bands to thousands of fans, Jenn Uhen’s thoughtful personal branding approach has taken her clients to the next level.  Jenn has partnered with internationally touring bands, world-renowned brands, and leaders from Fortune 500 companies.

With Jenn’s “common sense always wins” mantra, Jenn loves learning through experiences, mentors, podcasts, and studying.  Jenn earned a Bachelors in Communications, minors in Leadership and Psychology, from the University of San Diego and is a Certified Coach in Training with the World Coach Institute.

Jenn currently leads a Coaching business focusing on Personal Branding, Leadership Development, and Career Coaching.  In a world where you can work remotely from almost anywhere, you may find Jenn exploring in her Airstream travel trailer with her husband and dog.

After a long stretch with a single employer and then some personal time off, I felt totally unprepared to begin a search for a new career. Jenn/BGSD was recommended to me by a friend. She was incredibly responsive, professional, prepared and generous in her consultation process. She did her homework reviewing my dusty old resume, was adept at identifying what my true career passions are, and encouraged me that I could find something that I’d truly love. Her advice and council gave me a different perspective on what current hiring managers are looking for. I took her suggestions and my job search was transformed immediately. I credit her for giving me the tools and confidence that allowed me to connect with a great company that carved out a new role for me based on the “personal brand” I was able to present in their interview process. I can’t recommend her highly enough. If not for Jenn and BGSD I’d still be spinning my wheels with internet searches. Thank you, Jenn! – Kendra, Business Development

Jenn was an amazing coach to work with. She went above and beyond to help me craft my resume, LinkedIn Page, and cover letter. She was in constant contact with me each week to make sure I was staying on track with the plan we put together. I could call or send her an email and have a detailed response within hours. She really helped open my eyes to different career paths that were available in marketing and ultimately played a crucial role in helping me land my current position. I would definitely recommend reaching out to her if you’re in need of career advice or needing assistance in a job search! She really cared about my success and making sure I got a new job! – Michael, Digital Marketing & Communication Specialist

When anxiously searching for my first job, Jenn was there to walk me through step by step. Fresh out of college, my resume was clearly lacking experience. But, with Jenn’s helpful advice and encouragement, I was able to land my dream job. Jenn was very organized and made sure I didn’t forget even the tiniest details that I would have never even thought of. I am so glad I decided to chat with Jenn, she was always one step ahead of me with ideas and plans in order for me to be successful. – Ashlyn, Teacher