Be Genuine Stay Determined specializes in…
– Coaching professionals on owning their development.

– Actualizing passion projects through Strategy and Project Management.
– Consulting Leaders on developing their vision and advancing it within their teams.

I believe genuine and determined are two adjectives that can move each of us forward.

Genuine [jen-yoo-n] adj. not counterfeit; authentic; real:
What are your genuine goals?  When and how are you at your best?

Determined [dih-tur-mind] adj. decided; settled; resolved.
Are you determined to make the changes you need to achieve your genuine goals?

Let’s do this!  You have goals (vague or defined); I’m here to help develop a plan to achieve them!  New idea or project?  New career or job? Let’s define what you want and create a genuine plan that keeps you determined to succeed!

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I can’t wait to connect!
-Jenn Uhen